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Clarke, Modet & Cº Chile Ltda. has operated in Santiago de Chile since 1999. It relies on a qualified and active multidisciplinary team of lawyers, chemists and differently specialized engineers with a vast experience in Intellectual and Industrial property. Clarke, Modet & Co. Chile, Ltda. is one of the three most important Intellectual and Industrial Property counselling agents in Chile, providing customised high quality services to our clients.

We are one the 10 companies that make up the Clarke, Modet & Cº Group, the largest group specialized in Intellectual Property in Spanish and Portuguese speaking counties. It is for this reason that we have such ample local and international knowledge and the highest flexibility to channel your requests to any of the companies of the Group or to select one specific Company to manage your portfolio, which allows you to work with a representative, a single order, a homogenous management and a payment method adapted to your needs.

Our customised solutions include a comprehensive innovation consultancy in order to offer you support before, during and after said process, which entails following you from the moment before conceptualisation, to the moment of development and protection of the intangible asset in question; to the exploration, commercialisation and defense of the acquired Intellectual Property right.

Our ambition is to guarantee the excellence of our service as your business’ strategic partner.


Company of the year 2016 in Industrial Property disputes.

Clarke, Modet & Cº Educa Program


What is Clarke Educa?

Clarke Educa is a program created by Clarke, Modet & Cº Chile which seeks to foment a culture based on protecting creations and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

What do we do?

We design and execute educational workshops and activities related to innovation, science and technology.

Who is our target audience?

Students and young professionals interested in developing and expanding their ideas.

Why do we do it?

We believe in the importance of creating a pro-innovation culture through education and by fomenting entrepreneurship and the right to create.

Contact: Constanza Pérez |


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Supported by a team of IPR Experts

A  professional team specialized in the engineering (mechanical, electronic or telecommunications), physics, chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology and law fields provides technical and legal counsel and ample knowledge about several activity sectors.