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From the idea to the market

Our methodology enables us to cover a client’s entire innovation cycle with proactive, strategic and personalised advisory services.


Create an impact and obtain return on my competitive advantage

Making R&D investments in the market, which allow you to generate new business opportunities and sources of income

Get in touch with an expert

Assistance and representation in negotiations

Strategic ally in the market

Definition of comprehensive management of the negotiation and transfer process for the purpose of obtaining more favourable conditions in accordance with your business strategy.

  • Negotiation with potential licensees
  • Contracts

Operating strategy

Efficiently tackling the market

Identify and contact potential technological partners, collaborators and licensees of technology and knowledge for the purpose of defining its economic value and model for being transferred to the Spanish market and abroad

  • Valuations
  • Technology transfer
  • Transfer prices
  • Patent Box
  • Royalties studies
  • Taxation of IP


Localisation of business opportunities

Be aware of the strategic position of your intellectual assets with respect to the industry and technological environment, their main differentiating characteristics and their potential impact on the market.

  • Study of potential licensees
  • Due diligence
  • Technology viability analysis

Our experts at your service

Professionals specialized in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, law, economics, physics, chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology will provide you with dedicated technical and legal advice for your needs


Can the trademark be subject to trademark legal transactions?

The trade mark is an intangible asset which can be transferred by any means admitted in law, and may be given in guarantee or be subject to other in-rem rights.

How is it possible to use a third party trademark?

Trade marks may be the object of several types of contract:

  • Trade mark assignment. – the transfer may be total or partial. There is no restriction regarding the products or services over which the trade mark can be used. It involves a change of holder.
  • Trade mark licence.- this is a contract in which the holder grants the right to exploit the trade mark in exchange for an economic consideration.

Trade marks may be the object of several types of contract:

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