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Romina Almasia

Romina Almasia

Consultant Technical Services
Professional with a scientific background with more than 8 years working successfully in R&D&i companies of agricultural bio-inputs based on microorganisms and biological products. Dedicated to the Direction and Formulation of private and competitive projects (CORFO, FIA, SERCOTEC, PROCHILE), Management of multidisciplinary teams, Social networks, Negotiation of agreements with institutions, Management of Trademarks and Patents, Wide experience in working in science laboratories in the Microbiology area. More than 5 years as a consultant in the processing of registrations of biopesticide agricultural products in the SAG and in international regulations in this area for national companies. Specialized in the management of R&D&i projects in the Biotechnology area. She forms parts of the board of directors of the Red Chilena de Bioinsumos (Chilean Bioinput Network). In 2017, she participated actively in the formulation of a proposal and execution of the ODEPA tender: “Proposal of a regulatory framework for bioinputs in Chile”, as well as in the formulation and execution of the SERCOTEC project for formally constituting the network in the Trade Association. She has recently joined ClarkeModet dedicated to the consulting in Patents, in a training process to know from the daily tasks about the management of Intellectual Property in the Biotechnology area.


Molecular Biotechnology Engineering, University of Chile Magister degree in Biological Sciences, University of Chile Diploma in Ecodesign, REP law challenges / CORFO Grant, University of Chile High-level training: Marketing and Technology Transfer Hub for the Americas by OEA, UCDavis, UDD, CIB and Conacyt

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Romina AlmasiaRomina Almasia