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Marlin Linares

Marlin Linares

Legal Services Manager
Counsellor in all aspects of trademark, patent and design laws. Her experience includes providing legal and technical advice to national and foreign customers (regarding protection, enforcement and defence of all forms of intellectual property rights, especially trademarks, patents and designs. She has vast experience in all phases of processing trademark, patents and designs (in Venezuela and abroad) from application to granting, including the drafting of oppositions, response to oppositions and appeals before the PTO, and before the Ministry of Commerce. She handles all changes that may occur to a patent, design or community trademarks to continue the administrative process or after they are granted (name change, transfer of rights, changes, mergers, cancellations and licensing agreements).


Specialist at the Intellectual Property Graduate Programme, Metropolitan University, Caracas, Venezuela

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Marlin LinaresMarlin Linares