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Trade Dress Protection

The Trade Dress is the overall image through which your company presents a product or service in the market in order to positively influence the final decision of consumers. We help you to protect it properly.

protección trade dress

What items are included?


Advertising slogans

sector alimentación

scent brand identity

creación nuevas marcas

dress code

Use of images in social networks


Marketing campaings

sector alimentación

Musical or sound identity

Use of logos

Sector automoción

Look & Feel of Websites, Apps, Social Media

cambios de titularidad y renovaciones

Identity in the specific color

Sector Biotecnológico

Design of premises

sector software

Visual identity

sector aeronáutica y defensa

Isotype and its uses

Voice tone

Icons and uses of photographs


protección trade dress

Reinforces the position in the market

  • Faced with the use of the acquired reputation
  • Faced with the confusory
  • Association or systematic imitation
  • Faced with the weakening of the market position
protección trade dress

Generates added value to the business

  • Provides security to licensees and, where appropriate, to franchisees
  • Facilitates the legal defense of unconventional intangibles
  • Increase the Intellectual Property assets of the company
  • Contributes to streamline technology transfer

Legal protection routes

The commercial image is protected in the European Union (EU) for a combination of figures and measurements

Contractual measures

  • Selective distribution contracts for vertical controls
  • Selective distribution contracts for marketplaces
  • Non-competition clauses
  • Confidentiality agreements

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Experts in Tradedress Protection

The experience you need for decision-making. All the knowledge of our experts is at your disposal.

Maria Cruz

Regional Managing Director Portugal

Adriana Esteves

IP Consultancy Director

Mauro Ferreira

IP Specialist

Thais Boyd

IP Specialist

Iván Alejandro Martínez

IP Senior Consultant

Juan Camilo Bohórquez

IP Consultancy Specialist

Cristina Antequera

IP Consultancy Specialist

Coral Navarro

IP Consultancy Specialist

Patricia Falcao

Legal Services Manager

Natascha Ballestero

IP Specialist

Irene Brenes

IP Consultancy Specialist

Patricia Sarasola

Group Consultancy Officer

Aitor Romero

IP Consultancy Specialist

Tailor-made protection

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