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IP protection and registration

Trade Secret and Blockchain

For years you have built your company’s know-how. Now, Blockchain technology helps you protect it.

As an IP asset and driver of your business’s competitive advantage, it is important to protect it from cyberattacks, information leaks, or third-party breaches.

Blockchain y secreto empresarial

The value of your business

Increase the value of your IP strategy and support your intangible portfolio

Through blockchain and the figure of trade secret, we facilitate the concession, sale, defense, and litigation of licenses, the competitive advantage of your business and encourage its investment potential.

In addition, our platform expedites the registration and protection processes of trade secret compared to conventional methods.

Blockchain y secreto empresarial

An integral system for trade secret management

Alignment and integration between strategies optimizes the use of resources and impacts profitability.

Blockchain y secreto empresarial

A system implemented in just 8 weeks

We create and implement a trade secret management system that combines the three fundamental pillars of your business.

Blockchain y secreto empresarial

What does our system include?

  • Protocol for the treatment of trade secrets
  • Guides with legal measures and security techniques
  • Contract models or clauses
  • Blockchain test registration platform

What can I protect with blockchain and trade secret?

protección de datos


  • R&D projects
  • Prototypes
  • Non -patentable technologies


  • Formulas
  • Processes
  • Technical specifications
informes de patentabilidad


  • Internal documents
  • Investment plans
  • Price lists
acciones oficiales


  • Software
  • Databases
  • Algorithms


sector software

Maintain the competitive advantage

Listing of founders or employees, entry of new employees.

Valuation and assurance of investments

Interest from potential investors.

Licensing and sales

Monetization through transfers or potential licenses.

Reducing risks

A guarantee against cyber-attacks, information leaks, or third-party breaches.

Speed ​​and convenience

Protect your assets immediately, anytime, anywhere.


We reduce registration expenses by up to 30 times.


Strategic information will never leave your device.

sector alimentación

Legal guarantee

Defense of your trade secrets and of third parties in court.


The platform is compatible with a wide range of file formats.

Sector Químico-Farmacéutico


You can customize your blockchain data according to your needs.

Stay updated

To know where to go, you need to know which direction to take

Experts in Trade Secret and Blockchain

The experience you need for decision-making. All the knowledge of our experts is at your disposal.

Irene Brenes

IP Consultancy Specialist

Caio do Nascimento

IP Consultancy Specialist

Adriana Esteves

IP Consultancy Director

Maria Cruz

Regional Managing Director Portugal

Aitor Romero

IP Consultancy Specialist

Coral Navarro

IP Consultancy Specialist

Juan Camilo Bohórquez

IP Consultancy Specialist

Iván Alejandro Martínez

IP Senior Consultant

Cristina Antequera

IP Consultancy Specialist

Cecilia Belmar

Legal Services Director

Tailor-made protection

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