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Technology Transfer

The new open innovation models advocate the use of external sources of knowledge in the R&D processes and direct and indirect pathways for the exploitation of their results. For all this, technology transfer plays a central role to improve the profitability and competitiveness of companies.

We guide you in the transfer process of your IP for:

Protección de datos

Improve your innovation process.

protección de datos

Increase your organizational, commercial and economic expectations.


Obtain additional exploitation income by transferring, sharing, assigning or licensing that technological know-how designed by you.

We design your strategy

We carry out the transfer of your technology defining the positioning of this in the market, assisting in intermediation and supporting the final process.

Strategic viability

We make a technological viability report that determines the advantages of your technology.

What answers do we provide?

What is the technical potential of your project.

búsquedas previas

If there are previous similar technologies.

Sector Químico-Farmacéutico

What legal force have the existing rights: validity and territorial scope.


What are the potential applications of this technology.

What are your market segments, volume and growth planned.

sector software

Which technology leaders could you collaborate with

Who are your competitors.

Experts in Technology Transfer

The experience you need for decision-making. All the knowledge of our experts is at your disposal.

Iván Alejandro Martínez

IP Senior Consultant

Caio do Nascimento

IP Consultancy Specialist

Adriana Esteves

IP Consultancy Director

Fernando Escudero

IP Specialist

Aitor Romero

IP Consultancy Specialist

Juan Camilo Bohórquez

IP Consultancy Specialist

Cecilia Belmar

Legal Services Director

Cristina Antequera

IP Consultancy Specialist

Danica Mardesic

Inventions Director

Irene Brenes

IP Consultancy Specialist

Maria Cruz

Regional Managing Director Portugal

Coral Navarro

IP Consultancy Specialist

Tailor-made protection

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