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Product Surveillance

Post-marketing surveillance is critical for Health and Life Sciences products.

The safety and efficacy of the products placed on the market must be continuously monitored to ensure the protection of public health and assist in the appropriate decision-making by the entities involved and Regulatory Agencies.

The importance of these services lies in the ability to detect early on any safety or efficacy problems that may arise with the widespread use of products, to allow authorities, Regulatory Agencies, manufacturers and health professionals to take appropriate measures, such as adjusting product labels, recalling defective products from the market, suspending the marketing of a product, amongst other actions.

In addition, the information gathered through post-marketing surveillance contributes to the improvement in the understanding of the risks and benefits of these products over time, with the consequent benefit for public health.

ClarkeModet offers support in all the regulatory procedures associated with the post-marketing surveillance of the product in the market, in accordance with the applicable regulations according to the type of product.


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