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IP protection and registration

IP in the Metaverse

We defend your company’s intellectual property wherever it is developed, even in the virtual world.

IP en el metaverso

IP + Metaverse= A new reality

The Metaverse is one of the key scenarios for innovation today, but also a challenge for the IP of your business.

We face three major challenges: the legal environment, the responsibility of the intermediaries and the legal certainty of the owners of the Rights of IP.

protección trade dress
Protección de la Propiedad Industrial e Intelectual en el metaverso

Active measures

Faced with the speed of the Metaverse, you can establish a double strategy:

Territorial protection
extending the protection of your IP where the responsible organization declares its domicile.

Product and services protection:
hiring active surveillance of brands that can collide with your rights.

Protección de la Propiedad Industrial e Intelectual en el metaverso

Reactive measures

In case of detecting an unauthorized use of your IP and therefore, an infraction, you can raise the enforcement of your rights through:

The collaboration with the entity in charge of the Metaverse.
Resorting to ordinary justice.


All the services you need to protect your ideas in the Metaverse in one place


Legal guarantees

We guide you through the uncertainty of the legal framework that applies to each Metaverse.

Protección de datos


We safeguard your IP rights against its fraudulent use in the Metaverse.

protección de datos


We safeguard your IP against possible infringements.



Sector Biotecnológico

Freedom of creation

Infinite creative freedom and intellectual development.

Sector automoción

New opportunities

Possible new business models outside physical barriers.


Reproduction and improvement

Of the use of physical products and services in the virtual field.

– Costs + Innovation

Greater stimulation of innovation by optimising the resources invested.

sector alimentación

Legal guarantees

Advice on the legal framework that applies to the Metaverse.


IP safeguard for use in the Metaverse.

sector aeronáutica y defensa


IP custody against third -party infractions.

Experts in IP in the Metaverse

The experience you need for decision-making. All the knowledge of our experts is at your disposal.

Irene Brenes

IP Consultancy Specialist

Cristina Antequera

IP Consultancy Specialist

Aitor Romero

IP Consultancy Specialist

Adriana Esteves

IP Consultancy Director

Cecilia Belmar

Legal Services Director

Caio do Nascimento

IP Consultancy Specialist

Maria Cruz

Regional Managing Director Portugal

Coral Navarro

IP Consultancy Specialist

Juan Camilo Bohórquez

IP Consultancy Specialist

Iván Alejandro Martínez

IP Senior Consultant

Tailor-made protection

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