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We safekeep the personal data of your company. We also provide support for you to adapt both to current legal requirements of your respective countries, and for you to anticipate the regulatory changes that are being implemented under the influence of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What do we offer?

Protección de datos

Diagnosis of the current situation of your company’s data protection.

protección de datos

Drafting of risk approach reports on the current data processing.

protección de datos

Analysis of the legitimate bases for data processing.

protección de datos

Drafting of the Privacy Policy for employees in order to unify the existing policies.

protección de datos

Drafting of privacy policies for websites in which personal data is processed.

memorias descriptivas

Review of signed agreements regarding the processing of personal data, facilitating an agreement model in the absence of such a model.


Review of technical security measures, making the recommendations deemed appropriate.

acciones oficiales

Review of the procedure for commercial deliveries to databases.

informes de patentabilidad

Review/drafting of the procedures for the exercise of rights, drafting of impact assessments for each company before PIAs and security breaches.


Training to facilitate and aid in its implementation in the company’s culture.

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Experts in Data Protection

The experience you need for decision-making. All the knowledge of our experts is at your disposal.

Juan Camilo Bohórquez

IP Consultancy Specialist

Coral Navarro

IP Consultancy Specialist

Cristina Antequera

IP Consultancy Specialist

Maria Cruz

Regional Managing Director Portugal

Iván Alejandro Martínez

IP Senior Consultant

Irene Brenes

IP Consultancy Specialist

Aitor Romero

IP Consultancy Specialist

Adriana Esteves

IP Consultancy Director

Caio do Nascimento

IP Consultancy Specialist

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