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Two new partnerships Startup Braga and Startup Nano

  • 16 August 2017
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Clarke, Modet & Cº – Portugal has established two new partnerships, already part of the ecosystem of Startup Braga and Startup Nano​

Startup Braga is an incubator and accelerator of startups focused on the areas of digital economy, medical technology and nanotechnology. It is an innovation hub that hosts projects, in virtual or physical incubation, offering, besides incubation programs, pre-acceleration and acceleration of startups.

It was designed in 2014 to support the setting up and development of projects with high entrepreneurial potential in international markets. So far it has supported over 100 technology-based projects, with the total of sales likely surpassing 13 million euros, and where other 14 have been invested.

Startup Braga’s strategy involves creating an environment conductive to the development of the entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem, enabling tools and building a structure that enhances the evolution of the projects through the wide network of national and foreign partners and mentors.

Startup Nano is the first acceleration program entirely focused on nanotechnology. Based in North of Portugal, but with global ambitions, the program goes through several phases: starts with Launchpad, time dedicated to the presentation of ideas to validate both the technology and the market potential. Only afterwards the teams enter the acceleration program to develop the product and enter the market. During four intense months the startups use the program’s support to develop the products and the business, aided by national and international mentors and experts, before joining immersion programs in the US and the United Kingdom.

Startup Nano is promoted by the International Iberian Laboratory (INL) and the Center for Nanotechnology and Technical, Functional and Intelligent Materials (CeNTI), jointly with Startup Braga and Minho University. The program is sustained by the nanotechnology ecosystem in the North of Portugal where INL is based, an infrastructure equipped with the highest and most recent technology, built in the city of Braga in 2010 by the Portuguese and Spanish Governments and cofinanced by European Union funds through the program NORTE 2020.

Clarke, Modet & Cº – Portugal, drawing on its vast experience in Intellectual Property, multidisciplinary and specialized team, and wide network of partnerships, plans to support the startups, both Startup Braga and Startup Nano, outlining, for each phase of the life-cycle of their products, services and innovation, the best strategy according to their business needs, focusing on the particularities of the local legislation.

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Two new partnerships Startup Braga and Startup NanoTwo new partnerships Startup Braga and Startup Nano