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Towards a culture of Technology Intelligence in Mexico

  • 06 October 2010
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Technology Intelligence is increasingly used more often, with a greater scope and by more types of users.
According to the experience of the Technology Intelligence Unit of Mexico, there is a general need to promote knowledge about Intellectual Property rights. Above all, about the concept and benefits which the use of Technology Intelligence may bring. However, in accordance with the cases recorded by this unit, Technology Intelligence is increasingly used more often, with a greater scope and by more types of users as a tool for obtaining information about the technological and commercial environment of organisations, possible partners, competitors and/or licensees. This trend is supported by the following facts:

– In 2009, the amount of analysis studies based on the use of Technology Intelligence increased 70% compared to those requested in 2006 (the year of the first study), although the intermediate period has not shown constant growth. In addition, there is a greater proportion of proposals for Technology Intelligence studies which result in actual analysis cases (20% more than 2007). This indicates that there is an increasing number of users which are aware of the benefits which Technology Intelligence may bring.

– The Technology Intelligence studies requested have gone from being mainly technology supervision (document gathering studies) in the period from 2006 to 2007, to an analysis of technological positioning (studies assessing specific technologies and searching for possible partners and competitors) since 2008. This shows that we have moved from a period of observation of the environment to a wider active investigation to develop, compete and position entities in the technological environment about which specific information has been obtained. The most common sectors are the chemical and medical sectors (68% and 20% of total cases respectively).

– The number of Technology Intelligence studies performed for universities and research centres is comparable to those prepared for private companies (40% and 50% of the total respectively). This shows the interest of academic centres to develop, licence or transfer inventions which meet specific needs in the environment and/or companies.

However, it is necessary to further promote the use of Technology Intelligence to the different technology players. The current trend in Mexico to use it more often, with a wider scope and by a greater number of users translates into the use and analysis of isolated information to convert it into technology and/or commercial strategy. The fact that, for example, universities request technological assessment and positioning studies indicate that they are open to linking with companies, thus contributing to cooperation, knowledge exchange and technological and economic development in Mexico.

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Towards a culture of Technology Intelligence in MexicoTowards a culture of Technology Intelligence in Mexico