Three key appointments in Mexico to boost the strategic consulting area

  • 30 May 2019
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Clarke, Modet & Cº Mexico has made three key incorporations in its management team with the aim of strengthening the digital transformation of the company and boosting an area of strategic consulting in intellectual property. Thus, Lorena Rodríguez, formerly an IBM manager and an expert in business transformation processes, including the implementation of emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT and cognitive technologies, has been appointed as a new managing director. Throughout her career, Lorena has occupied the highest level positions in companies such as PwC and Accenture Mexico, contributing to a higher efficiency in their processes.

Furthermore, in our Mexican branch we have decided to boost strategic consulting services through which we help our clients to maximize the benefits of their intellectual property in the market. To that end, a new Consulting area has been created, for which Jorge Carpinteyro, with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and more than 25 years of experience in consulting for innovation, enterprise, and technology transfer, has been appointed as director.

The changes in the Mexican management team are completed with the incorporation of Hugo Palma, new director of National Business Development. With a bachelor’s degree in Internal Trade, Hugo has a wide experience in business positioning and capabilities (including SMEs, startups and spin-offs), as well as in the encouragement of the cooperation between public and private entities which facilitate enterprise and innovation. Hugo Palma was the director of B2G of the Monterrey Institute of Technology.

With these three incorporations, Clarke, Modet & Cº strengthens its commitment to the Mexican market, key for the group; Mexico is in the top 10 of Latin American countries with respect to innovation quality. As stated by the new Managing Director of Clarke, Modet & Cº Mexico, Lorena Rodríguez, “this new approach will allow us to become strategic allies of our clients, accompanying them throughout the whole innovation cycle, from the idea to the market, supporting them to capitalize and protect their IP intangible assets through state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies. At the same time, the technological and innovative spirit of our team will allow us to advance quickly in the digital transformation of our sector”.

Clarke, Modet & Cº Mexico is currently one of the largest branches of Clarke, Modet & Cº. The group has been in this country since 1968 and currently has a team of more than 60 professionals specialized in intellectual property.

Clarke, Modet & Cº has appointed Lorena Rodríguez Chávez as the managing director of the company in México. Lorena is an expert in business transformation processes, including the implementation of technologies such as blockchain, IoT and cognitive technologies. Furthermore, Hugo Alberto Palma Stephens, as the new director of National Business Development, and Jorge Illich Carpinteyro E., as Consulting director, have also joined Clarke, Modet & Cº Mexico. With these three appointments we will boost the innovative and technological spirit of our team in one of the largest companies of the Group.

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