In the various figures, projects or coordination processes relating to industrial and intellectual property, undoubtedly, the protection of Community plant variety is one of the most affected European level figures, as we indicated our expert Gilberto Macías:

Like the brands and designs at Community level, the protection of Community plant variety rights (VVC), granted by the Community Bureau of Plants varieties (CPVO), will be affected by the departure of the United Kingdom of the European Union (EU) .

As a result of Brexit, the VVC cease to have effect within the UK, being, therefore, necessary to protect plant varieties national route directly.

However, while the exit conditions are not Executed, VVC current records are completely valid in the 28 Member States, so it should not take any action for now.

Surely, as it will happen with the MUE and DC, a transitional process to adequately protect VVC in the UK will be established.

The conditions, terms, conditions and any other information related to this procedure will be timely informed as soon as the EU and the UK execute them.

Until then, we can not provide comprehensive advice on the steps, however, we will be reporting on any news promptly to provide the best possible advice.

Therefore we will be very attentive to the news published on this matter, and certainly the scenario that is set to be a transition period to avoid loss of rights.