By El Mercurio

Only three months have elapsed and the Franchises Committee of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce already has 31 enrolled associates, while 5 more are in the process of being incorporated. 

This group gathers parties with the power to franchise a brand in Chile.

Among its associates, international brands such as McDonald’s, Adidas, and Tony Roma’s are already present, along with local projects such as Emporio La Rosa and Schopdog.

The group is in the midst of its formation process, under the direction of its president – the only defined post – Mariano Santiago, CFO of McDonald’s Chile. During the next few days, the executive team will be defined and the requirements applicable to the parties intending to join this Committee will be established. 

One of its goals is to bolster the Chilean franchises market, which currently already generates sales in excess of US$ 2,000 million, albeit under a sustainable growth paradigm. Santiago explains that it is indispensable that the sector’s development is put in practice under ethical parameters and, to that end, they are working in several self-regulation measures.

For instance, in order to contribute to a higher income for new franchisors, the Committee is drafting a “Quality Seal” manual, which seeks to materialize corporate good practices. For this purpose, a special group of associates was appointed, which will work intensely in order to finish this guide within the next 60 to 90 days. 


The sector already accounts for significant income for commerce, and has broad growth perspectives. Currently, this industry represents 7.9% of commerce’s total GDP, generating approximately 31,000 jobs.


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