By Clarke, Modet & Co Chile

During all of Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 of November, the Clarke, Modet & Co. Group actively participated in BIOLATAM 2015, the largest Biotechnological Ibero-American fair held at Centro Parque in the borough of Las Condes. The event was organized by the Association of Biotechnological Companies (Asociación de Empresas de Biotecnología, Asembio), jointly with the Spanish Association of Biocompanies (Asociación Española de Bioempresas, ASEBIO) and was sponsored by the Clarke, Modet & Co. group. 

In it, 26 partnership meetings were conducted with companies, universities and agents of the biotechnology industry. Moreover, the Clarke, Modet & CoGroup moderated the panel titled, How to venture and invest in Latin America?


The participants present in the BIOLATM activities on behalf of the Clarke, Modet & Co group were: Stephany Soto, Clarke, Modet & Co Peru; Marisol Cardoso, Clarke, Modet & Co Brazil; Hernán Cherreau, Clarke, Modet & CoArgentina; María Mercedes Londoño, Clarke, Modet & Co Chile; Gladys Huerta, Clarke, Modet & Co Chile; and Carolina del Río, Director of Clarke, Modet & Co Chile. 

In the picture: María Mercedes Londoño, Hernán Charreau, Carolina del Río and Abigail Marquez from Minas Gerais Brazil.