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SUNN: the new technological “LinkedIn”

  • 07 November 2013
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In a global society in which it’s getting more difficult to differentiate products and services, companies are increasingly looking for more ideas and experiences from other organizations, in order to become more competitive and disruptive in their market segment. At the same time, the proliferation of new actors and markets makes necessary to find alternative ways to access them, by making partnership with third parties to accelerate the adoption of new technologies.

Thus, this work process, known as the Open Innovation system, seeks to promote cooperation between companies and other R&D entities, whether they are public entities, universities or other organizations. Open Innovation is now considered, by experts in innovation, as the ideal formula to grow and internationalize faster. The reasons for adopting these work processes can be different and/or complementary, but in its origin are (or respond to) strategic, commercial, financial or technological reasons. By this means the organizations can leverage the capabilities of technological or commercial partners to develop new solutions.

In this context, the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) assumes an important role, since the basis of these collaborations are the knowledge and the skills developed, within each of the entities involved. Effective collaboration between organizations requires a delimitation and effective protection of intangible assets resulted from the contribution of each organization, establishing clear and equitable “game rules” for long-term relationships. Therefore, the use of the IPR will allow the generation of new models for entering in the market/innovation through joint protection, licensing or strategic alliances generation, being one of the key points of Open Innovation.

However, this process of knowledge transfer, that at first sight may seem simple, results in a huge complexity, especially for organizations like TTO (Technology Transfer Offices), with a small team, trying to commercialize technologies, in many cases disruptive and, therefore, require an effort, development, considerable amount of time and investment. This is also very complex for SMEs that do not have the resources needed to reach the international level, relating to opportunities and existing business breakthroughs.

Spain in order to try to solve this problem introduced to the market, in an embryonic version, a platform called SUNN (Start Up Neural Network), which will arrive early next year. It is a system based on a model of Israel, tested by the United States and Singapore, supported by Madrid Network and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Named by experts as a “Technological LinkedIn” consists of a network in the “Cloud”, where is possible to differentiate innovation ecosystems (bidders) of the industries (applicant) and connecting them through innovation maps.

The Ecosystems, or innovation repositories, combine patents, research groups, spin-offs and start-ups across international markets. They thrive in innovation cells (Icells) and Key Enabler Technologies (KET’s) so that any company can offer and find technological solutions that your business needs and funding sources for development.

The Disruptive Universe presents the results and trends of innovation among the innovation between innovation cells. This solution aims to achieve a global reach, providing 2000 and disruptive start-ups, 500 research, innovation seeker 5,000 companies and 200 venture capital funds.

Any organization, to discover this new ocean of possibilities in the “cloud” and participate in the “game”, needs only to be registered on the platform (www.sunn4i.com).

However, for the result of this new Technological LinkedIn lead to an increase in collaborative processes, it is imperative that organizations understand the importance of defining a strategy of IP, from the creation or design of the intangible assets to their exploitation and defense. Only then they can make new relationships in a clear and confidentially way, getting the maximum benefits from those.

We look forward that the SUNN presents an effective management of IP rights of innovators, with concrete initiatives.

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SUNN: the new technological “LinkedIn”