The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) and the Ministry of the Development, Industry and Foreign Affairs signed, on the the 10th April 2016, an Agreement for Technical Cooperation with SEBRA (Brazilian Service for Support to the Very Small and Small Business), which will be in force for a thee-year time period, with a view to enlarging the access to the protection of patents and the registration of marks and geographic indications.

The Agreement aims at avoiding copy and the unfair competition, by preserving the investment made by very small and small business and their technology in computer program (without their logomark).

With this Agreement, there is the possibility of the Brazilian businessmen having the appropriate tools for leveraging the national market, by investing their assets of the industrial property.

In the above respect, the Agreement is intended to cause the small business to be more competitive and innovator, and, just as well, encouraging the development of technologies and the use of the technological information contained in patents.

The Agreement further provides for the institution of the use of a Brazilian seal of geographic indications, in addition to printed material, as guides, catalogs , tutorials and primers, with a view to guiding the very small and small business, and also extending support to SEBRA.

The geographic indications is an opportunity of doing business, by aggregating a great value to the products of certain regions, through organizing their producers, engaged in the productive chain, launching on the market traditional products aggregating the knowledge acquired through the years.

At the present time, we are aware of several Brazilian Regions, which have been prominent in the following products: