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  • 03 June 2016
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Interview with Mr. Francisco Ramírez 

We have been working with you for about 7 years now. Our relationship started as a result of a visit during which you presented your services to us. We found these to be very interesting. We had not realized all of the potential that this service had for us to be offered at the same time as an added service. Previously clients always handled trademark, brand and general intellectual property protection services themselves.

When we realized that we could serve as the link between Clarke, Modet & Cº and our clients, a wide range of opportunities opened out before us. We set up a workshop jointly with all of our clients and it was a complete success: we all learned from it and we provided them with added value, which was a source of differentiation from our competitors.

We have faced all kinds of situations. However, the most common is that many small entrepreneurs come to us with an already-developed project and we are the ones who stress the importance of trademark registration issues, something that before knowing you we did not do. We now play a more active role and sometimes this means having to disappoint them about their project.

This causes certain frustration, but we rest easier now because we are doing the right thing from the beginning, providing better advice to clients, which they value and perceive as a more professional advisory service. 


When it came to choosing you, the most decisive thing was the sense of trust you conveyed and the extensive infrastructure you had at our disposal. It was clear to us that this was an accessible service, and at present nearly 8 out of 10 of our clients ends up using it. For us it’s like an extra value that we offer, putting them in contact with someone who will take them by the hand with very sound advice.

You have really helped us and we have learned a lot with you in the talks and workshops you have organized. We also really value the fact that you keep us constantly up to date as to any regulatory changes. Although we already know the fundamentals of how Intellectual Property works, we need to be informed about anything new that arises and how it might affect us. Being in constant and close communication allows us to create other types of services. 

“Without a doubt, you have changed the way in which we see the development of brands”


Mr. Francisco Ramírez

República Urbana



They started up in 2002, first as a company focused on the traditional part of advertising and 3 years ago they went digital in order to provide their clients with all social network services.

They are mainly dedicated to communication, advertising campaigns, identity development, the creation of social network communities and all that has to do with questions concerning marketing and advertising.


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