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Placing Latin American Innovations in a Global Market

  • 26 November 2009
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The level of competition nowadays in the market makes it more necessary than ever to extend our knowledge about our target environment. The tools provided by Technology Intelligence therefore become fundamental elements for decision-making.

Innovation is also a natural consequence of that same market knowledge which we obtain by applying Technology Intelligence tools.

The tools can be used to detect the leading technological companies and the most publicly outstanding ones in the area, the countries where they are located, the main inventions protected in the technological field, their technological

positioning, together with other aspects.

The recommended strategies for placing the innovations, starting from the knowledge provided by Technology Intelligence, can be summarised as follows:

1. Supplement the knowledge generated about the market with Business Intelligence, noting the strengths, weaknesses, risks and technological and operating opportunities.

2. Choose the companies which may become potential business partners, including those considered as competitors.

3. Verify which of the companys inventions complement or compete technologically in the market. Highlight those protected through Intellectual Property Rights ht and study if there are protection extensions in other countries.

4. Verify the countries and categories of protection of important companies in the technology.

5. Conduct Market Intelligence to verify the products placed under patent protection in other countries and in Latin America.

6. Position the potential aspects of the products which can be obtained from the companys innovations.

7. Review the possibility of Industrial Property protection for the companys innovations in the countries of interest and in the appropriate period.

8. Protect as a result in those countries where: (1) the company has its own factories, (2) it will be possible to manufacture our products, (3) they can receive our exports and (4) the competition has factories and our company does not, so as to sign license agreements to exploit the technology.

The route can also be seen in the opposite direction, localising third-party innovations which can be manufactured and marketed in Latin American countries.

Applying these strategies opens the possibility of generating wealth and employment in Latin America.

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