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Note on transgenic plants undergo public consultation

  • 19 May 2022
  • New legislation

According to the publication of the Intellectual Property Gazette No. 2676 of April 19, 2022, Technical Note No. 01/2022, published in March 2022 deals with the patentability of inventions associated with transgenic plants, and will undergo public consultation.

Considering the public interest in the matter and, also, to facilitate the technical contribution of society to elite events and related accessory inventions, the BRPTO considered it imperative to make the aforementioned public consultation available and temporarily suspend the applicability of said technical note until the discussion is concluded.

Such public consultation will direct the application of the Guidelines for Examination of Patent Applications in the Biotechnology Area regarding the subject in question.

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Note on transgenic plants undergo public consultationNote on transgenic plants undergo public consultation