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Multiclass trademark applications in Brazil

  • 11 February 2020
  • New legislation

Well before the adhesion of Brazil to the Madrid Protocol in October 2019, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office has been working on the conformance of their systems to comply with the Protocol’s requirements. And to guarantee more efficiency and harmonization in the processes among the national designations received through the Protocol, as from 09th March 2020, the BPTO will start accepting multiclass requests and also co-ownership for newly filed local applications

In general, it means that each application can protect several classes, without limitation of goods and services, allowing the applicant to monitor only one application/registration.

Moreover, the co-ownership system for trademark applications will be particularly useful for the different societary arrangements, assuring their members’ equal rights and say before the BPTO.

Considering all the above, Brazil is now able to offer a more cost and time-effective trademark protection system for nationals and foreign applicants and we, at ClarkeModet, will be pleased to assist you and your company with all the procedures and to provide more information on the above matters.

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Multiclass trademark applications in BrazilMulticlass trademark applications in Brazil