Via the World Intellectual Property Organization

Message from OMPI’s General Director, Francis Gurry, on the World Intellectual Property Day.


Music is part of the extraordinary revolution that we are witnessing, a revolution that has completely changed the way in which creative works are produced, distributed and consumed.


Thanks to the revolution caused by digital technology and the Internet, we today have a greater access to music than ever before. Internet has created a global market and a worldwide stage for music. This is wonderful for music lovers around the world.


We must oversee that the new digital economy does not overlook the creators, artists, interpreters and executors. Is their contribution sufficiently valued by the new systems? That is a fundamental question. In a vivid and dynamic culture it is essential that the creators, composers, artists, interpreters and performers may have a dignified life in which they can obtain economic retribution for their music. Without them, there wouldn’t be any music.


Extraordinary artistic, personal, social and economic resources are invested in the creation, interpretation and execution of music. We must find means to guarantee its economic sustainability. My message in this World Intellectual Property Day is: Do not undermine the importance of music. Let’s value it.


Today is a day fit to “mobilize in support of music”, to be willing to offer fair conditions to our musicians and to value creativity and the exceptional contribution that they make to our lives.




Source and Picture: World Intellectual Property Organization