• Six prominent women and the manager of Emprendimiento de Corfo  participated in a new encounter “Talking with Clarke, Modet & C° Chile”, this time with a focus on women entrepreneurs who break the canons of the innovation in Chile.
  • Led by our General Manager Carolina del Río and commented by Cecilia Belmar, Consultant lawyer of Clarke, Modet & C° Chile, the guests enjoyed a relaxing brunch at the Club Golf 50 .

The meeting took place in the sharing of personal and professional stories of women relating by its ability to innovate. The protagonists coincided in the unquestionable need to legally protect their assets, processes and creations, incorporating this “item” in their strategic plans for growth and expansion.

Not all had made this reflection, by ignorance, youth or simply inexperience, however, the personal conviction came to the extent as they were specific instances of value increase in protected assets, in globalized markets, threatened by a society and “opportunistic” public.

Many thanks to all the assistants!


Josefina Pooley
Founder and CEO of Cranberry Chic 
Winner project of Start-Up Chile in 2012 and the Fund of Entrepreneurship 
of Corfo 2016.

María de los Ángeles RomoExecutive Director Endeavor Chile, Global Foundation for enhancing entrepreneurs with a high impact on the economy of their countries.

Fernanda de Vicente
President of Pacific Women 

Creator of Coffee Amélie and Kitchen Amélie. Directs initiatives of social crowdfunding to finance projects of rural education.

Inti Núñez
Manager of Entrepreneurship of Corfo.
Director in SERCOTEC and Director on Innova Chile. Founder of the program competes +1000 of the Adolfo Ibanez University.

Gabriela Riutort 
Owner of clothing store “4R “, also participates in the property of the gastronomical center “edge of Rio”.

Claudia Meneghello
Executive Director of the Creative Consultant The Container, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial. Partner of Chef Christopher Carpentier in the restaurant “El Barrio”

Maria Elena Wood
Filmmaker and documentary filmmaker Director of contents of Wood Productions. Director of Igenio Visual.