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Leaders League distinguishes ClarkeModet in the IP rankings 2021

  • 06 July 2021
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Once again this year, ClarkeModet has been awarded by Leaders League an international reference directory in the legal and financial field. In the 2021 edition of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay, recently published, they  recommend our companies among the leading Intellectual Property firms in those countries. In total, our companies appear in 34 classifications in nine countries.

The categories in which we have obtained recognition range from the registration of patents and trademarks to intellectual property litigation, plant varieties, and anti-piracy, highlighting the positioning in patent prosecution, an area in which our subsidiaries have obtained excellent positions.

Furthermore, the ranking has highlighted 33 ClarkeModet professionals in these classifications.

These are the scores obtained by the ClarkeModet companies in the Leaders League rankings:


  • Trademark Prosecution – Highly Recommended. María Cecilia Aloise
  • Patent Prosecution – Excellent. María Cecilia Aloise
  • IP Litigation – Highly Recommended. María Nájera, Marcos Santivañez
  • Enforcement & anti-counterfeiting actions – Highly Recommended.  María Nájera, Marcos Santivañez
  • Innovation, technology and telecoms. Highly Recommended. Marcos Santivañez


  • Patent Prosecution – Highly Recommended. Claudio Castanheira, Ricardo Boclin, Arthur Lorenço
  • Trademark Prosecution– Recommended. Fabrize Pereira, Claudio Castanheira, Ricardo Boclin


  • Trademark Prosecution– Highly Recommended. Samuel Hammer, Danica Mardesic
  • Patent Prosecution – Excelent. Samuel Hammer, Danica Mardesic
  • IP Litigation – Highly Recommended. Danica Mardesic, Daniela Mesa
  • Patent Litigation – Highly Recommended. Danica Mardesic, Daniela Mesa
  • Enforcement & anti-counterfeiting actions – Highly Recommended. Diego Acuña.


  • Trademark Prosecution – Highly Recommended. Miguel Rujana, Juliana González
  • Patent Prosecution–Leading. Juliana González
  • IP Litigation – Highly Recommended. Carolina Daza, Alonso Castrillón
  • Enforcement & anti-counterfeiting actions – Highly Recommended. Carolina Daza, Alonso Castrillón
  • Regulatory law for health, pharma, and medical devices – Recommended. Juliana González
  • Plant Varieties Protection – Recommended. Alejandra Salazar


  • Trademark Prosecution – Highly Recommended. Rosario Echeverría, Raquel Gómez-Limón, Elsa Nayra Martín, Miguel Rigueiro


  • Trademark Prosecution – Excellent. Nahanny Canal, Claudia Márquez, Román Soto
  • Patent Prosecution –Excellent. Nahanny Canal, Claudia Márquez, Román Soto
  • Data protection law – Recommended


  • Trademark Prosecution– Excellent. José Marquis, Gheira Mori
  • Patent Prosecution –Leading. Jimena Ugarte, José Marquis, Gheira Mori, Álvaro Arias, Cynthia Huamán
  • IP Litigation – Highly Recommended. José Marquís, Jimena Ugarte Gheira Mori
  • Enforcement & anti-counterfeiting actions – Recommended. José Marquís, Jimena Ugarte, Silvana López
  • Patent Litigation – Excellent. Jimena Ugarte, José Marquís
  • Plant Varieties Protection – Highly Recommended. Álvaro Arias, Cynthia Huaman


  • Trademark Prosecution – Excellent. Maria Cruz Garcia
  • Patent Prosecution – Excellent. Adriana Esteves
  • IP Litigation – Recommended. Ana Fidalgo


  • Patent Prosecution– Excellent. Fabiana Penades, Martín Hermida
  • Trademark Prosecution – Recommended. Martín Hermida
  • IP Litigation – Highly Recommended. Fabiana Penades
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Leaders League distinguishes ClarkeModet in the IP rankings 2021Leaders League distinguishes ClarkeModet in the IP rankings 2021