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It is now possible to register domains .barcelona

  • 15 January 2016
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We inform you that from 12 January it is now possible to use the domain .BARCELONA, which is especially aimed at the worldwide promotion of those companies and trademarks present in the Catalonian capital.

As from the said date and until 18 March it will be possible to register .barcelona domains during the Sunrise period. These will be granted based on the following priorities:

Priority 1: trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse

Priority 2: The competent Public Administrations of the province of Barcelona.

Priority 3: trademarks not registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse and valid in Spain, as well as geographical indications, protected geographical indications and designations of origin recognized by the EU, Spanish or Catalonian legislation.

Priority 4: companies based in Barcelona.

Priority 5: any natural or legal person may apply for the domain .barcelona without proving any of the aforementioned requirements but at a higher cost than that involved during the general availability period.

Once the Sunrise period has been completed, registration will be open to all those interested in these domains.

Keep yourself up-to-date about the new gTLD domains or contact one of our experts.

If you wish to read more on this subject, follow this link: www.domini.barcelona

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It is now possible to register domains .barcelona