Mexico has been -for long time- amongst the very few countries that do not provide a trademark opposition system. Consequently, the only alternative for third parties to oppose a registration of pending applications in our country was the filing of unofficial observations which, sometimes, were not even taken into consideration by examiners during substantive assessment.

Nonetheless, as of August 30, 2016, an opposition system will be implemented in the Mexican trademark procedure which is definitely expected to create a more interactive environment between trademark owners as well as more accurate decisions by the examiners.

Thus, the main purpose of this webinar is to describe the opposition system and to achieve complete understanding about its timelines, scopes and implications. In addition, the post-grant proceedings will also be reviewed within the webinar.


1) Opposition System in Mexico:

– Timeline

– Scopes

– Implications

2) Post-grant proceeding


José Miguel Mena López
Legal Services Manager | Clarke, Modet & Cº Mexico

Miguel has a comprehensive expertise in all areas and stages of intellectual property, mainly -but not limited to- trademarks. His practice encompasses a full IP services range which includes strategic counselling, clearance and registrability opinion, trademark prosecution (domestic or abroad; National or via Madrid), licensing, assignments, customs recordation, border measures, as well as trademark and patent litigation and enforcement.
Miguel worked as an intern in IMPI’s Trademark Cancellation Department and has been involved in IP matters for 7 years. He has provided many lectures on the advantages and disadvantages between National filings and Madrid flings, as well webinars concerning different IP related topics.