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Gummy Lovers: use IP to be a Guru

  • 03 March 2017
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Trademarks and Patents consolidate a company´s intellectual capital, assuming a competitive and differentiating role in the current knowledge economy.

Its significance is, therefore, increasingly relevant, in the sense that the bigger the company’s or organization’s awareness of the value of the knowledge it produces and the understanding of the existing legal means to protect it, the bigger its capacity to create solid intellectual assets, which will allow it to reinforce its image and prestige in its field of activity, increasing its corporate value.

To understand the importance of Intellectual Property’s role, just think of how a business would be affected if its closest competitor learned about its technological and commercial strategies or had access to its internal operating procedures. In this regard, a company’s exclusive knowledge is one of the main sources of its competitive advantage, and its increasing economical relevance makes it crucial to identify, manage and valuate it correctly.

Knowledge management involves a clear identification of the IP assets to protect, the choice of the correct modality of protection, aligned with the company’s commercial strategy, and the efficient and effective management of these rights, in order to gain short, medium and long-term economic benefits. Without an adequate management, the owner of the knowledge might not be aware of her IP assets or their value or benefits, possibly even exposing herself to unnecessary risks that will result in the loss of competitive advantage over her competition.

The definition of a solid IP strategy is essential to any business, including the candy business.

Doctor Gummy SA is an example of success!

One of its strategic assets of the international business growth is the protection of the intellectual capital, through different types of IPR.

Candy has a new alternative with Doctor Gummy! It is made with natural ingredients and flavorings, and wishes to appeal to children and young people, and their families with a healthier, nutraceutical concept that sets it apart from the competition.

All this to provide a truly guilt-free experience!

As with Doctor Gummy SA, IP strategy must be aligned with a business strategy that aims at a profitable investment and its sustainability.

Gummy Lovers: use IP to be a Guru

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Gummy Lovers: use IP to be a Guru