On 17 November 2015 we published the end of year forecasts for the main industrial property figures in Spain and those presented before international organisms such as the OHIM and the WIPO by Spanish citizens and which publish advanced statistics.

The first provisional data published (1) which, unfortunately, leads us to portend that the main milestones we advanced at the time will be confirmed with no substantial variations to the foreseen trends:First official data regarding Intellectual Property statistics in Spain at the year-end 2015

Generally speaking the data confirms the pessimistic evolution we mentioned, which was especially negative for those types most directly related to technological innovation, patents and utility models.

However, it would be advisable to wait for the data to be confirmed. In the case of the SPTO (the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office) a technical adjustment always takes place during these weeks, but we can, in view of that carried out in other years and which we include in the following table, venture to predict that there will be no substantial variation of the data as regards the estimation we gave in November.

None of these indicators would be particularly relevant if we did not know that they have a direct bearing on other indexes that are essential for the country, especially those related to competitiveness. Given all of the above, over the next few weeks we shall carry out a special follow-up of any data which may emerge and include certain analyses that we believe to be of interest.

(1) In the case of the SPTO: www.oepm.es/export/sites/oepm/comun/documentos_relacionados/Memorias_de_Actividades_y_Estadisticas/estadisticas/Fichero_ESTADISTICAS_2015.pdf
It should be pointed out that, on a worldwide level, the SPTO is one of the industrial property offices that better and earlier publishes the industrial property statistical indicator previews.