By El Mercurio

22 days was the amount of time necessary to fill the largest artificial lagoon in the world, which Crystal Lagoons –owned by the Chilean businessman Fernando Fischmann– recently inaugurated in the middle of the desert in Egypt.

By doing so, the company achieved a new Guiness world record, because the megapool with crystal-clear water has a surface of 12.5 hectares, surpasing the one located in San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, which with its 8 hectares had been certified in 2007 as the largest in the world.

This lagoon is part of the first stage of the touristic development project Citystars Sharm El Sheikh, entailing an investment of US$5.5 billion, and which arose from the partnership between Crystal Lagoons an the Sharbatly family, which owns a consortium with vast experience in the real estate and telecommunications industry in the Middle East and Africa.

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