1- Let us now know a summary of your professional career in the course of time?

I spent half of my professional life in the Research and Development area and the other half in consultancies. From 1992 through 2002, I remained in the academic and technological meander. In 2002 up thus far I acted as a global leader in management consultancy and, finally, in an area focused on the petroleum industry.

I had some projects connected to the Intellectual Property, respecting appraisal of intangible assets and management of P&D portfolio.   However, this is the first time  I work in an intellectual company   per se.

I already worked in many industries, with 30 or 40 projects in several large companies focusing on several topics: Human Resources and improvements in management.

2-How do you intend to aggregate your experience to the new positioning of Clarke, Modet & C º Brazil?

Clarke has strategic objectives, which are in line with my professional experience.  The time of the Company is now for the enlargement of the definitions of a strategic approach for protecting its intangibles and also helping the companies in decisions preceding patent filings and mark registrations.

For this more and more strategic talk, it should be properly understood the head of the great companies´ managers for positioning the intellectual property at the top of the agendas.

3-How do you see the Brazilian culture for this strategic change?

In Brazil and in other countries of the Latin America,   we have to advance   in the Industrial Property Culture: how to defend and monetize intangible assets. This dialog must be developed in the high management of the company   and to be disseminated to all the other levels.

The challenge of Brazil is far too great.  There are Brazilian Companies investing large amounts of money in P&D, however the filings are very little.  The foreign companies developing their business in Brazil   file much more in the country.

4-What are the practical changes in the management of the office in the new positioning?

We have a new way for affording a structure to our technicians.  Previously, the Company was divided into distinct areas:  marks and patents.  Now, there are a separate sector, in line with their functions, the Integrated Management of Technical Services (GIS), responsible for the strategic work; and the   Management of the Paper Work, which is in charge of the administrative part of the process.

We are separating transactional and strategic services, with a view to attending to the clients in a more excellent position, already in line with the new positioning.  We will now increase even more this strategic activity.  The challenge for the ensuing year is to solidify these changes.