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ClarkeModet strengthens its position in Europe

  • 04 March 2022
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ClarkeModet intends to bring the European continent closer to our clients in Asia and US with a single point of contact in Munich, for the management of their Intellectual Property portfolio.

We are now present at one of the most impactful hubs of European Patent and of the future Unified Patent Court. With this opening, the company takes a new step toward its expansion to become the leading IP operator in Europe.

ClarkeModet, founded in 1879, is the biggest international Intellectual Property group in Latin America and an entry point to Europe. With an operational presence in 10 countries, we manage one in every ten patent applications in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking markets.

Thanks to our legal, technical, and consulting experiences, we offer innovative solutions and provide comprehensive services to all sectors. We manage the most important Intellectual Property portfolios among the main innovation-generating industries around the world, being a valued partner to maximize their innovation.

Contact details:

Munich Werkswiertel GF, 1st. Floor – Mühldorfstr., 8. Munich 81671

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ClarkeModet strengthens its position in EuropeClarkeModet strengthens its position in Europe