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Clarke, Modet & Co Chile celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day

  • 27 April 2015
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Within the context of the celebration summoned by the World Intellectual Property Organization, we send a corporate gift to our main clients and the media, with the purpose of highlighting the importance of Intellectual Property.

This year, the OMPI decided to commemorate music and all the industry that drives its development. That is why Clarke, Modet & Co Chile decided to give an Intellectual Property kit, that includes: three vinyl disc coasters, one green, one red and one white; a written letter signed by Carolina del Río (read letter), director of Clarke, Modet & Co Chile; and an informative flyer, “piracy is no child’s game” issued by TIPS and which includes the main statistics regarding piracy. In this article we share the tips included in the flyer.




• Musical works result from the inspiration and creation of singers and composers, musicians and countless other persons, who have chosen to create instead of replicate.

• The market of pirated records was valued in 2005 at 3.6 billion Euros (4.5 billion dollars). During the same period, almost 20.9 billion songs were illegally unloaded and exchanged via Internet. (IFPI Chile, Association of Phonographic Producers of Chile).

• Piracy generates severe damages to Chile’s economy, such as loss of labor, fiscal revenue and foreign investment, as well as acting as a disincentive to the research and development of new products and technologies.

• Piracy encourages organized crime and threatens the rights of people.

• Each year, Chile loses more than 400 million dollars due to piracy. 62% of the software circulating in Chile is illegal (OECD, 2012).

• In 2012 piracy generated a parallel market resulting from falsified products, exceeding one billion dollars, and tax evasion for 160 million dollars (National Piracy Commission).

• During the last 8 years, Chile has been kept in the “red list” due to its infringement of the Intellectual and Industrial Property chapter of the Free Trade Agreement executed with the United States.

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Clarke, Modet & Co Chile celebrates the World Intellectual Property DayClarke, Modet & Co Chile celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day