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Clarke, Modet & Co Argentina, among InnUBAtec 2017 leaders

  • 19 April 2017
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On March 28, the InnUBAtec Council held its first meeting in the year. Hernán Charreau, Head of the Technology Intelligence Unit at Clarke, Modet & Co Argentina, joined the meeting as one of its regular members

This Council, which is composed by leaders in the public and private sphere, as well as in the academia, is committed to: “promoting a social, political and economic framework that fosters local innovative development, and imparting information about the benefits of innovation for the public and private sector.” The Council is a multidisciplinary forum where companies, scientists, scholars and the government discuss on these topics to reach consensus and implement measures in that spirit.

During its meetings, several aspects related to innovation are addressed, such as promotion and incentive systems, the country’s competitiveness, the regulatory framework, the economic impact and social benefits.

This time, Charreau joined the panel together with Lorenzo Basso (UBATEC), Valentina Carricarte (Gador S.A.), Alberto Chevallier (Gihon), Graciela Ciccia (Insud Group), Aníbal Cofone (University of Buenos Aires – UBA), Clara De Hertelendy (Department of Science and Technology for the City of Buenos Aires), Alberto Díaz (National Scientific and Technical Research Council – Conicet), Marcelo Fernández (Santander Bank), Ricardo Gelpi (UBA – School of Medicine), Ariel Gordon (YPF), Ricardo Hara, Maximiliano Illbele (Frontec), Cecilia Inciarte (Monsanto), Iván Ordoñez (I +E Consultores) Fernando Peirano (Argentine Industrial Union/University of Quilmes), Ángel Pérez Pulleti (Baufest), Ramiro Picasso (Conicet), Marco Prena (ACA), Gabriel Raya Tonetti (Arcor), Gonzalo Rovira (Amcham), y Gustavo Torretta (Galicia Bank – Innovation Lab).

This first meeting brought forward and endorsed proposals for mapping local and foreign projects and initiatives in furtherance of innovation, coordinating with other organizations committed to these topics, inviting congresspeople to future meetings, and turning InnUBAtec into an Advisory Committee (of Congress, for instance).

The work plan includes five annual meetings —one every two months,— and a closing act, which will likely be in the form of a public lecture and/or a publication. The next meeting is on May 30 and is going to particularly address the topic of promotion and incentive systems for innovation.

InnUBAtec is an initiative launched by UBAtec, an organization founded by the University of Buenos Aires, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Industrial Union and the General Industrial Confederation in 1991 that promotes and encourages the transfer of technology.

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Clarke, Modet & Co Argentina, among InnUBAtec 2017 leadersClarke, Modet & Co Argentina, among InnUBAtec 2017 leaders