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Brazil announces National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS)

  • 15 December 2020
  • New legislation

Aware that the current scenario of intellectual property needs to be improved, on December 11th , 2020, the Brazilian Government announced the National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS) which global goals for a 10-year period are:

  • The direct contribution of intensive intellectual property sectors to Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product should exceed the percentage of 30%;
  • The percentage of innovative companies that use some method of protection for innovation should reach 80% and
  • Brazil should be among the 10 nations with the highest number of applications filed for the protection of intellectual property rights.

NIPS’s objective is to achieve an effective and balanced intellectual property system, which is widely known, used and observed, which encourages creativity, investments in innovation and access to knowledge, aiming at increasing competitiveness and economic and social development . The Strategy comprises 7 lines of action: 1- IP for Competitiveness and Development; 2 – Dissemination, Training and Capacity Building in IP; 3 – Governance and Institutional Strengthening; 4 – Modernization of Legal Frameworks; 5 – Legal Observance and Security; 6 – Intelligence and Vision of the Future; and 7 – Insertion of Brazil in the Global IP System. Each line is composed of dozens of actions reaching a total of 210 actions that will still be planned through biannual action plans. In the first half of 2021, the first Action Plan will be announced

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Brazil announces National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS)Brazil announces National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS)