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Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy in Latin America

  • 29 November 2016
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CET 4:00 PM

Why it is worth protecting trademarks in Latin America? Join this webinar to know the best practices to fight against piracy and counterfeiting.

The main purpose of this webinar is to give you tips on the protection of your IPR in LATAM that will help you to optimise costs and time and also to reduce unexpected surprises.


How to optimise the trademark prosecution process and relevant particularities;
Things to do or not to do when filing a trademark in LATAM Countries
What to expect during the registration process
An overview of the anti-counterfeiting enviroment in the region
Effective measures to combat forgery, average time, costs and degree of effectiveness
Manuel Acevedo
Global Account Manager

Manuel has extensive experience in intellectual property in Spain, Italy and Paraguay. He has been providing legal advice on prosecution, agreements, negotiations and contentious matters on trademarks and copyrights for almost 10 years.

He began his professional career at Nunziante & Magrone Rome as a law clerk while at his sophomore year (2005) then he started working as a junior lawyer a MP Legal Rome. In 2008 he went back to his native country, Paraguay, where he started to work as a senior trademark attorney at Zacarías & Fernández, in 2010 he joined the boutique law firm Armoa Laspina & Asociados of Asunción Paraguay where he held the position of General Manager of the IP Department. In 2011, he joined Clarke, Modet & Co. as Trademark Attorney where he was responsible of big clients. In 2016, he was nominated one of the firm’s Global Account Manager, as a manager of the main international clients accounts. More info:

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Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy in Latin AmericaBrand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy in Latin America