By Asembio

The Chilean Association of Biotechnology Companies (ASEMBIO A.G.) promotes the development in Chile of the largest Biotechnology Fair in Ibero-America and one of the most recognized fairs in the world, BIOLATAM 2015, on November 16 and 17 of this year, in the Centro Parque conference center in Santiago.   

The purpose of the event is to promote mutual benefits between Latin American and European companies and entities, opening potential markets, investments and technological collaborations. 

The event is co-organized by Asembio and the Spanish Association of Bio-Companies (ASEBIO) and has the support of ProChile and its brand Chilebiotech, a cluster of Chilean biotechnology companies.  


The company EBD Group – which is the main partnering supplier of the industry – will also be participating, and the Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX) along with the Center for the Technological and Industrial Development of Spain will also be collaborating.

The chairman of Asembio, Arturo Covarrubias, said in relation to BIOLATAM 2015 that “Chile is betting on biotechnology, supported by an excellent regulatory framework and good economic incentives”. He goes on to say that the purpose of the fair is to satisfy the commercial and informational needs of the industry, delivering basic tools for better development. 

High attendance

In BIOLATAM 2015, the main biotechnology companies and institutions, from the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, veterinary, chemical and energy industries, will have a chance to meet. During the two days of the activity, the fair will promote the development of sciences and technology through conferences, one-on-one meetings, partnering forums and a commercial fair. 

The event will bring together academics and researchers, and international investors, turning it into a fundamental opportunity to strengthen the bond between biotechnology and business, from Chile to the rest of the world. 

“We expect an attendance of more than 800 persons, with companies and persons interested in participating in a bet that substantially positions the world of biotechnology”, said Covarrubias.  


BIOLATAM began in 2013 in Colombia with excellent results: it had an attendance of 710 representatives from 29 countries, 500 delegates and 298 companies involved in the partnering, 839 one-on-one meetings, and the presence of 17 international investment funds, in a commercial area integrated by 23 speakers.  

Source: Comunicaciones Asembio