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Argentina: new INPI resolution for mandatory trademark classification

  • 30 October 2019
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Starting on November 15, 2019, new trademark applicants in Argentina will be required to detail the products and services of which they want to protect their distinguishing features through the international trademark classification system. The resolution (288/2019) recently published by INPI, repeals a previous provision (3/61) that allowed the applicants to not detail this information in the application form, using the term “Whole class.”

At the time, the objective of provision 3/61 was to expedite  of the applications, since this bypassed the time it took to analyze the correct classification in each case. However, taking into account the existence of new technological tools available, including “TMclass,” managed by the European Office, it is now possible to easily classify brands.

herefore, in addition to introducing the requirement of reporting about the products and services in the request, the following measures have been adopted:

– IMPLEMENTING the classification tool “TMclass” in trademark request forms and the coordinated EUIPA database.

– IMPLEMENTING the loading of new trademark, renewal, or opposition request forms.

– These forms may be entered online or at the INPI ticket table.

– The  between face-to-face and online applications will be respected with regard to the date and time of presentation of each application.

All of this will streamline and simplify the trademark application procedures and optimize INPI resources. In addition, this measure promotes healthier competition in the market by preventing protection from being occupied for products or services that will not be used.

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Argentina: new INPI resolution for mandatory trademark classificationArgentina: new INPI resolution for mandatory trademark classification