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Anti-piracy in Argentina. Complementary actions to the Customs Alert System

  • 04 December 2012
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Faced with the scourge of piracy and counterfeiting, trademark registrations with Customs is a fundamental tool for the protection of intangible assets, that makes possible the detection of infringing goods, while favoring a direct and effective communication channel with the trademark owner and/or IP agent.

The Customs Alert System is extremely organized, expeditious and allows, during the time a suspected spurious shipment is blocked, the trademark owner and/or his legal representative or agent to inspect the product and rule on its authenticity.

When merchandise is in a foreign jurisdiction, the Trademark Fraud Division of Customs attaches photos of products, which facilitates the action of the parties involved, as it allows the owner of the trademark to recognize, in most cases if there is counterfeit or not.

Should an infringement be verified, a custom administrative proceeding is started including referral of the case to the Courts, so that the necessary steps be ordered to punish those responsible and to destroy the goods.

The result of this system has been extremely beneficial for those suffering the constant scourge of counterfeiting of their brands, obtaining additional protection from the customs staff, adding to the fight against this crime and consolidating bases for its suppression in Argentina.

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