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An invitation to succeed with the Value of Ideas

  • 20 October 2016
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With more people than expected for a frost and rainy morning, yesterday we celebrated the talk of Calorina del Río, General Manager of Clarke, Modet & C° Chile, in the Center for Innovation of the Pontifical Catholic University, one of the most prestigious houses of study on Chile and which brought representatives of major companies associated with this pole of educational innovation.

The activity began promptly at 9:00 am, without more chairs thn available and an exquisite hot coffee served. The second part of the program included the presentation of the professional legal Magali Maida, Sub Director of Technology Transfer of the same University.

The 45 minutes of Carolina started with a look at the weak global economy and a tour of popular global Milestones of innovation, all evidence that the great processes of creation are incubated in times of crisis.

Having said this, a direct reflection to the participants: What is what we wish to achieve with the protection? What markets want to compete? How do I align the technical, legal and commercial in an adequate strategy of protection?

In summary, the message today is not only undertake and create, but take the best decisions to compete and succeed with the value of ideas.

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An invitation to succeed with the Value of IdeasAn invitation to succeed with the Value of Ideas