Message from CEO

Dear Friend,

Clarke, Modet & Cº has been immersed throughout 2015 and so far in 2016 in a process of modernization and transformation of our company in order to ensure a business model focused even more on the customer, an excellence service and technology as  key elements to address the transformation that is experiencing the society in general and companies in the world in particular.

We are a Global company with an international presence in 10 countries in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, specialized in strategic management related Intellectual Property Rights services. As one of the largest groups in our industry, our mission focuses on encouraging organizations and individuals to develop their creative and innovative activity as an engine of economic, cultural change and progress of society.

The current market dynamics, globalization and the digital era are changing the threats that organizations face in Intellectual Property. Having a valid idea to the market, protectable and able to be commercialize ,it is one of the great challenges. Not only that, but identifying new business opportunities, even before the realization of the idea becomes a necessity if you want to get into the game of innovation.

In this context it is essential to increase opportunities for companies and therefore more than ever need advice on innovation consulting to take a stand before (prior to conceptualization), during (development and protection of the idea) and after (exploitation and marketing acquired IPR) of this process.

Clarke, Modet & Cº has been able to anticipate and evolve to offer such solutions to our customers. Our focus is to work for a better future for people, for our customers, our employees and society in general. Our corporate culture is based on the principles of integrity, excellence and transparency which are the key that have allowed us to build a solid business model with growth potential and very customer focus.

I invite you to browse our new corporate website Group, the best online showcase to know in detail who we are and how we work, which reflects our commitment to you, our customers.

Here you will find the widest range of services, conceived and designed to meet every one of your specific needs.

Welcome to Clarke, Modet & Cº

Farrokh Keneshkar

CEO Clarke, Modet & Cº