By Clarke, Modet & Co Chile

Gladys Huerta, Director of the Patents Department at Clarke, Modet & Co. Chile, along with Francisco Bavrestello, Engineer in Patents, will be participating in the Bio-refineries Congress to be held in Concepción on November 23, 24 and 25. 

Among the speakers who will take the floor on Monday, are renowned researches such as: Piergiuseppe Morone, from the University of Rome; Orlando Rojas, from Aalto University of Finland; Arturo Sánchez from Instituto Politécnico Nacional of Mexico; Julián Quintero from Universidad Católica de Valparaíso; Fernando Felissia, from Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Argentina; Janusz Golaszewski from University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn; Ronalds González from NC State University, USA; Jorge Antonio Hilbert from the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología y Agricultura of Argentina; Patricio Carey from Universidad Austral de Chile; Tobías Zimmer from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, among many others. 


The event is sponsored by Clarke, Modet & Co Chile, Bioeconomía, Arauco, Rebisa (Resinas del Bío Bío) and FinCEAL+; and organized by Universidad de Concepción, the Biotechnology Center of Universidad de Concepción, the Technological Development Unit of Universidad de Concepción, Universidad de La Frontera, Biogreen, the Ibero-American Society for Development of Bio-refineries – Siadeb -, the Ibero-American Science and Technology Development Program – Provalor CYTED -. CYTED Program, Riadicyp and VTT. 

The Bio-refineries event is held in two congresses and one symposium: 

3rd Ibero-American Congress on Bio-refineries

The Ibero-American Congress on Bio-refineries (CIAB, for its initials in Spanish) is the main scientific event of the SIADEB – Ibero-American Society for Development of Bio-refineries. 

4th Latin American Congress on Bio-refineries

Up to this date, three version of the Latin American Congress on Bio-refineries have been held, all of them in Chile. The events have been an informational and discussion platform regarding the latest tendencies in development of processes and products obtained from agricultural, forestry and algal biomass. 

2nd International Symposium on Lignocellulosic Materials 

In year 2013, the 1st International Symposium of Lignocellulosic Materials was held in Argentina. The program included approximately 100 exhibits, between dissertations and posters presented by renowned researches from 18 countries from America, Europe and Asia.