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The challenge of managing a global Intellectual Property portfolio. Here you will see how we can help you optimise your business

Customised solutions for multinationals

With international and multidisciplinary teams

Multinational companies are immersed in an intense process of global expansion, opening new markets for new products for a public that is increasingly more demanding, more virtual and that wants to be heard. The protection and exploitation of your innovations allows you to be more efficient and gain competitive advantages over your rivals.
ClarkeModet designs and implements strategies for protecting intellectual assets that best suit your needs. We do this by adapting to your work processes through multidisciplinary teams in each of the countries where we are present. Our turnkey solutions will be your tools to achieve your goals.

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What can we help you with?

We transform your needs into opportunities for your business.


We know firsthand the needs of key areas of activity

Life sciences

Each innovation entails a significant investment in terms of time and money, therefore protecting and making the most of this investment are key. We make a specialised team available to you in order to offer you a comprehensive solution from discovery in the laboratory to its commercial application.

Chemical industry

Whether it is a new chemical compound, a new combination of chemical substances or a special formula that emerged from the innovation, a ClarkeModet we work to protect the Intellectual Property rights associated with the resulting products and compounds.

Civil engineering

At ClarkeModet we work with companies in the sector and have extensive knowledge of your needs. We protect not only the infrastructures, but also your business and reputation.

Medical technology

Medical technology is a broad field in which innovation plays a key role. We have specialised multidisciplinary teams that are made up of physicists, biologists, pharmacists and chemists, as well as microbiologists, biochemists and former patent examiners and engineers that will advise you on the best strategy for protecting, exploiting and marketing the technology.


The protection of innovative advancements in such a dynamic sector is key in standing out and ensuring your position in the market. Research and innovation are the basic pillars of the automotive sector. Companies in the sector invest heavily in R&D activities in order to respond to the needs of millions of consumers worldwide.

Telecommunications, IT and electronics

Computer programmes and electronic equipment are present in a growing number of aspects of our lives, not only in the context of business, but also in our day-to-day life in general. They play a key role in all sectors, from the food sector to the automotive sector, including education.

Consumers, fashion and distribution

We find ourselves immersed in a consumer economy that has caused companies to be involved in an ongoing process of innovation in order to increase the performance of their production processes, create new products and include design as something that sets them apart from the competition. The underlying protection of the Intellectual Property of these products is therefore a key factor for a company’s long-term success.

Education and entertainment

Education and entertainment cover multiple aspects that most notably include the publishing of books, newspapers and other editorial activities; activities involving cinematography, video and television programmes, sound recording and music publishing; television and radio broadcasting and programming activities; education; creative and artistic activities and performances; activities of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities; activities involving games of chance and betting; as well as sports, recreational and leisure activities.

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