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From the idea to the market

Our methodology enables us to cover a client’s entire innovation cycle with proactive, strategic and personalised advisory services.


From the idea to the market – innovate or die

Developing and implementing effective IP management policies and procedures that can be carried out and are in line with the organisation’s strategy

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Your organisation at the forefront of the trends

Strengthen the organisation’s internal capacities and the awareness of all collaborators with regard to industrial and intellectual property as well as the promotion of innovation.

  • Workshops and seminars (+webinar)
  • Round-table discussions
  • Formal training (with official recognition)
  • Customised training (coaching, specific courses, etc.)

Management systems

Creation of processes to achieve goals

Implementation of processes and procedures that allow the results and progress of the R&D activities that result in intellectual assets to be identified, captured and monitored.

  • Protocols
  • IP management systems
  • Data protection protocol (GDPR)


Success-oriented organisation

Prepare clear and effective policies with regard to industrial and intellectual property, providing a structure and functional framework for promoting creativity and innovation.

  • IP policies

Our experts at your service

Professionals specialized in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, law, economics, physics, chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology will provide you with dedicated technical and legal advice for your needs

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