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Mediation and Conciliation Regulations as a tool for alternative conflict resolution

By: Ana Cristina García

April 28, 2023

The National Director of DINAPI, Joel Talavera, presented the Mediation and Conciliation Regulations, approved by Resolution No. 113/23, as a tool for alternative conflict resolution. It shall apply to administrative matters relating to Industrial Property and disputes in the field of Copyright and Related Rights, provided that they do not have a final resolution; and disputes related to intellectual property arising outside the administrative scope provided that they are susceptible to transaction, conciliation, or arbitration. 

Punishable acts may not be the subject of mediation before Dinapi. Several officials of the institution were registered as mediators. The procedure is voluntary and confidential, and can request it of the parties, and they may waive it at any stage of the process. 

The commitments assumed through the act of agreement are of immediate compliance and the estimated duration for each process is a maximum of 45 working days; therefore, this would be a good alternative to expedite the obtaining of a result in cases of pending oppositions.

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