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For ease of consultation, the contents of this Legal notice are divided into several sections. However, its terms should be read and interpreted as one document which clearly establishes the terms of use for the User who is accessing the website. 

Clarke, Modet & Co. is the trade name used by all the Clarke, Modet & Co. Group companies. The Clarke, Modet & Co. Group refers to a set of companies composed of Clarke, Modet y Cía. S.L. and its subsidiaries, which are different and independent legal entities. Consequently, when referring to Clarke, Modet & Co. one can be referring to the whole of the Group, or to one or the several companies which it is composed of.

For more information on the different companies and their company names, see the companies paragraph. Click on the corresponding Country and you will obtain information pertaining to the Company and the rules and regulations applied in said country in the context of this Legal notice.

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