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Leading the change

More than 140 years of experience support us to help you establish the best IP strategy. We advise you to determine which are the most appropriate legal figures and geographical areas to protect your portfolio of intangible assets.

We register, monitor and protect your innovation

We provide our customers with intelligence over their areas of expertise while managing their portfolio of intangibles through new technologies

Our specialization areas

Energy, Chemistry and Materials

Choose which area do you want to be adviced

Pharmaceutical and Lifesciences; Medical Devices; Food and Drinks; Food-Tech; Agroindustry; Biotechnology; Chemistry; Energy; Computer Science and Electronics; Automotive; Mobility; Construction and Manufacturing; Retail; Education and Entertainment.

Reliability and quality in each of our services

We put technology at your service

We are pioneers in developing new leading environments to support Intellectual Property Rights such as blockchains, NFTs, the metaverse and AI.

One – Stop Shop IP Service

We centralize the management of your portfolio globally through a single point of contact

Where tradition and innovation converge

Our team is in constant alignment with the advances and needs of the market.

Digital tools

To expedite and improve the efficiency of all your administrative procedures and tasks.

Corporate responsability

Looking for sustainability in our activity

Our activities do not impact the environment. Moreover, our internal environmental policy encourages the reduction of natural resources consumption, and a responsible waste management, supporting the fight against climate change.

Corporate responsability

Integrity and good governance

We incorporate the best practices, as well as international standards of good governance and integrity in our code of conduct to face the challenges of the present and the future.

Our ethical code collects the principles and values ​​that preside over the professional activity of our entire team. These principles not only govern internal behavior but also relations with all interest groups: clients, suppliers, competitors, allies and public administrations.

Corporate responsability

Social commitment

We are aware of our impact on the world as a business group. Therefore, we are committed to the economic progress of the communities in which we have a direct presence, as well as those which we act through third parties, through fair labor practices, compliance, and respect for human and labor rights.

We also contribute to raising productivity through diversification, technology and innovation.

Corporate responsability

Social actions

We make contributions and sponsorships to associations and foundations related to our activity. Our employees also participate in volunteer activities, especially during the holiday season.

Corporate responsability

Diversity and inclusion

We strongly support diversity, promoting an inclusive work environment, and recognizing the individual qualities of our employees that make them unique.

Our nondiscrimination policies are guided to promote equal opportunities for the professional development of all our employees, including in the processes of people management.


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Global presence

We are backed by more than 24,000 customers worldwide.


Corporate responsability

We face each challenge with the best practices of good governance and ethics.

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