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Countries of Latin America have a common language, similar culture but in Intellectual Property issues, they are completely different. In this maze of laws and different IP prosecution procedures, we provide the most suitable strategy

Your Latin American Hub

With global knowledge and local expertise

With the recent IP developments in Europe and LATAM, many IP law firms worldwide trust ClarkeModet to be their eyes and ears in these sensitive countries of which they and their clients might not have much visibility. Moreover, having to deal with one local agent for every country can prove to be a struggle to get timely responses, which unfortunately could lead to losing cases and money.

If this is your case, ClarkeModet can be a valuable strategic partner. With 25 offices in 10 countries, we can bring you the possibility to handle multiple cases all over the world simultaneously, with one single point of contact and one single invoice.

In the same vein, we keep our agents and their clients up to date with the IP developments in our countries and they come to us to make timely and sensible decisions to safeguard their clients IP strategy.

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Asako TanimotoAsako Tanimoto