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About us

ClarkeModet, your ally to enforce and make your IP profitable whenever and wherever you need us.

Our best endorsement: More than 140 years of experience

Pioneers in internationalization

How Clarkemodet was founded

In 1879 in Spain, Mr. Alberto Clarke and Mr. José Gómez-Acebo decided to merge their trajectories and companies. Thus, ClarkeModet is the result of the sum of knowledge and expertise of Clarke y Cía. and of the General Patent and Trademarks Agency.

Trajectory with a vision

Excellence at every step

Anticipation and adaptation are the cornerstones of every decision we make. Our success lies in our constant evolution.

Throughout our history, we have designed our own methodologies and solutions that allow us to be at the forefront of Intellectual Property.

Constant expansion

In addition to knowing no borders, we also know no limits, designing our own methodologies and solutions that allow us to be at the forefront of Intellectual Property.

Our experience with great companies gives us the knowledge to protect your future today.

Our unique structure combines our direct presence in the 13 most relevant Spanish and Portuguese -speaking countries, through own offices, with an extensive network of experts with worldwide coverage.

International ambition and expansion


Portugal, Brazil and Argentina.


Mexico and Venezuela










Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Ecuador.


Committed to positive impact

Our values ​​are aligned at the service of protecting those ideas that move the world, creating more and better opportunities for all.


Facing new challenges requires commitment

Looking ahead has been our impulse to anticipate future challenges. Self-demand is part of our DNA.


Rather than clients, strategic partners

Present in 17 countries, we maintain the same quality standard in all markets and provide continuous support to our clients in their decision making.


Technology: in the Core of our business

We use the latest technological advances to get the most out of each intangible asset, putting innovation at the service of our clients.


Empathy, plurality and inclusion expand our horizons

Plurality is the greatest source of inspiration when facing new challenges. We are a space in which people with different lives, origins and views converge.


Economic, social and sustainable impact, our motto.

It is our responsibility to bring a positive economic, social and environmental impact to every project and step we take as a company.


To promote society’s innovative and creative activity providing comprehensive advice to our partners/clients in the Intellectual Property strategic management assets throughout the process of innovation, creation, and life of their rights.


To be a global company with an international presence. Leader and pioneer in the strategic management of services related to Intellectual Property assets and related rights, in continuous improvement and growth to offer our strategic partners maximum excellence.


Connection – Reliability – Knowledge – Adaptability

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Leading the change

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Global presence

We are backed by more than 24,000 customers worldwide.

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