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From the idea to the market

Our methodology enables us to cover a client’s entire innovation cycle with proactive, strategic and personalised advisory services.


Achieve my competitive advantage

Championing the exclusive rights offered by legislation for my creation and that are most suitable for achieving the objectives sought

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Filing and Prosecution

Control and boost the competitive advantage

Localising in each case the most appropriate methods for the project. We work only in the Group’s countries with more than 20 methods constituting rights, to which an extensive number of declaratory methods should be added.

  • Patent
  • Utility Models
  • Industrial Design
  • Industrial Model
  • Trademarks
  • Domain Names
  • Official Intellectual Property Registries (Copyrights) And Other Isbn Declaration Registries, Notary Registry, Etc.
  • Semiconductor Circuits
  • Plant Varieties
  • Design
  • Trade Name / Commercial Messages / Logos
  • Commercial Brands
  • Advertising Slogans
  • Commercial Mottos
  • Establishment Of Insignias
  • Designations Of Origin
  • Geographical Indications
  • Sui Géneris Protection (Data Bases)
  • Data Protection Officer (Dpo) – Spanish Data Protection Agency (Aepd)


The market that you are in does not matter

Expert handling in making sure that the idiomatic uses are appropriate for each jurisdiction is a key step to avoid risks regarding the efficiency of the rights achieved.


Optimisation of competitive assets

Constantly update the ownership of the rights and only maintain those that are strategically necessary; this is essential if you want to have an optimised portfolio.


Maintain this differentiating factor over time

When working with temporary rights, adequate monitoring and maintaining these rights is a key activity.

Our experts at your service

Professionals specialized in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, law, economics, physics, chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology will provide you with dedicated technical and legal advice for your needs

Our sales team is at your service

Want to talk? Contact any of our sales consultants and together we will find the perfect solution for your needs.


What is the purpose of patents?


  • They provide the holder with an exclusive right to industrial and commercial exploitation of the patented invention
  • They are instruments for the business person against competition, as they protect their innovations
  • They are strategies for the business person to consolidate markets and to enter new ones
  • They are a source of updated technological information which favours innovation
What is a utility model?

A utility model is understood as any invention which is new and involves an inventive step which consists of giving an object a configuration, structure or constitution that results in a practically significant advantage in its use or manufacture. The protection is for a period of 10 years from the date the invention is filed.

What is the difference between a design and a patent?


Designs protect the product’s appearance. They cannot protect the product’s functionality. We should remember that patents protect inventions relating to machines, appliances, devices, procedures, products, and must have an industrial application and be described in such a way that a person skilled in the art can reproduce the process.

What are the different types of trademarks?


  • By the nature of the chosen sign: word mark, figurative mark, mixed mark, three-dimensional mark.
  • Based on the level of awareness: renowned mark, well-known mark.
  • Based on its holder: individual mark, collective mark.
  • Based on the object which they designate: product marks, service marks, certification marks
  • For the territorial scope: National, International, Community.

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